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The Matlock Years

Jayne's photos

Halloween 1984 - Karen , Caroline, Lynn, Beverley, Sonia?, Julia and Sue

Jerry contemplating a pint - and the imminent demise of his beard perhaps. Duke of Wellington, Christmas 1984

Mike Bonsall and his drama class watching a film  - Autumn 1984

Lynn and friend, Autumn 1984

Julia applying her (limited) hairdressing skills on Tim - Spring 1985

Look, I can fly! Jerry in mid flight, Chatsworth 1985 (note the new look!)

The goat track that led down from the wishing stone


The boys, trying to figure out what goes where! Tim, Jerry, friend and bike - summer 1985

A warm summers day by the duck pond in Matlock park. Martin looking cool in his shades - which he lost forever shortly after in the aforementioned pond!

Karen in her summer abode on Smedley Street, summer 1985


The Philosophers Drinking Song - Myself, Jerry and Lynn et al, give the lecturers a nasty surprise.

Julia, looking tired and terribly hacked off after being dragged around various quarries in aid of my project.

Me in the entrance to Rockside, 1985




Me, in a sober mood (unusual),  1985

Anything Goes (1985) - Martin, Me and Jerry. Needless to say, I can never hear songs from that show without cringing!

Halloween 1986 - and the witches (Alison, Clare and Davina) gather to listen to Liz (for it is she on the chair!) 

Who looks the scariest!!!

Alison greeting her friends in her usual manner - Autumn 1986

Clare, 1986

Davina, probably praying we'd all go away - Autumn 1986

Liz looking laid back (as usual) - 1986

Sarah as Shakespeare's Woman (not sure who did the sign - clearly not a BEd student!) 1987

Colette, Jan and Jayne - in the Green Room together with...

Max, Carol and Lynn...

Naz, Tracey and Michelle

Colette and Sarah persuading David to join them in an illicit smoke (not that he needed any persuading )

Martin in chains (no it wasn't Sarah, it was for the performance)

David, Dave and Paul having a pint or six in the Students Union Bar - Summer 1987


Jerry, Jo and Jon after the Graduation Dinner, Summer 1987

Aaaaaargh!!!!  Look at those chins ladies! Okay, not strictly within date limit - 1988 reunion in the pub (where else?) - Sarah, Jayne, Clare, Liz and Alison.