Early Years


Paul - 3 weeks old

Paul - 3 Weeks Old


Headley Villas – my maternal grandmothers house – don’t really remember too much about living here but do have very fond memories of visits throughout my childhood and teenage years.


Vague early memories of living at Bestwood (Beckhampton Road), house situated next to a row of shops. Set of steep steps leading to front door, concrete coke bunker at back door. Layout was as you entered the hallway there was an area for coats etc that led to kitchen, door to the right which led to a through lounge/dining area, can’t remember how many bedrooms upstairs but mine was at the front of the house with window above the front door.

Very vaguely remember when Karen was born. Midwife floating about and ordering Dad to do things. I obviously wasn’t too impressed at the time!

Favourite toys were my go-cart and three wheeler bicycle plus my collection of corgi and dinky toy cars and lorry’s.