Don’t remember the actual move to Clifton (1964?) but early memories of riding round on my three wheeler bicycle sussing the place out. House overlooked the schools Milford infant & Primary (Which I later attended) and also Blessed Robert Catholic School. Adjoining the house was a bungalow on the right-hand side and two other town houses on the left. Local neighbours were Lotty (in the bungalow) Lois & Arthur Brough next door and George & Eidee Sheriff next to them. Going in the opposite direction were Tom & Joyce Wood, Ella & Alf Mills and the Lawsons.

Early friends in the street were (in no particular order):-

Julian & Steven Mills
Lynn Wood
Paul & Patrick Brough
Timothy & Lesley Rudd
Steve ? (Freckles & beaming smile)
Martin & Paul Guylar
Robin Samson

Attended Milford Infant & Primary Schools. First Teacher was Miss Jakes at infant school. Head Teacher at Primary School was Mr Conker. My teachers were Mrs Webster (First Year), Mrs Lee(Second Year), Mr Butler (Fourth Year).

It is sad to think that now, at the time of writing, the school is surrounded by a high security fence with warning notices all over the place. Growing up in the sixties we would all play on the school fields and around the school buildings themselves without a single thought as to vandalism of any description. Occasionally a window may have got broken accidentally whilst playing football or cricket but if it did we legged it as quick as greased lightening in order to ensure we weren’t punished for the damage!

Remember the old peoples flats being built at the end of the road (not sure what year but certainly when I was still attending Milford) – to many a child’s consternation, as that area of land was one of our favourite playgrounds. Another favourite area was the garages for football and cycle racing amongst other things.

Trips to the ‘Little’ shops on my three wheeler bicycle so that mum could fill the boot with shopping, although don’t remember ever taking it to the ‘big’ shops – don’t know why we didn’t.