South Notts Music School

A number of very happy years spent attending here. Originally I joined the concert band as a clarinetist in 1973, later moving to the baritone sax and finally the bassoon, probably in the early part of 1974, at which time I then also joined the main orchestra as principal bassoon. The standard of musicianship in the main orchestra was extremely high and over the years some outstanding performances were achieved.

SNMS originally met on a Wednesday evening at Mandella Girls Grammer school but soon moved over to Clarendon College as too many students were attending and also moved to a Saturday morning so we could extend the hours of tuition and practice. 

My teachers from Fairham school were the driving force behind this organisation initially - Peter Price on the Orchestral side of things and Mick Panter on the Concert Band side. Both were huge influences on my musical development, and I owe them both a great deal. Several years of great music making and some excellent friendships cultivated here - anybody reading these pages who attended at the same sort of period that I did and would be interested in a reunion - drop me a line.