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Hi, my name is Paul Fletcher-Tomlinson. I first became more seriously interested in music when I was 10 years old (back in 1970) when I met a friend at school who played the Clarinet and soon after I embarked on learning the 'liquorice stick' myself. This then progressed to the saxophone in various guises (tenor, Baritone and later Alto and Soprano) and later my favourite (and main) instrument the bassoon. During this time I also started playing the guitar as an aid to learning harmony, as at the time we couldn't afford a piano.

Early in my musical career I joined the South Nott's Music School (aged 13) and played initially in the Concert Band as a clarinettist and saxophonist and later in the Concert Band and Senior Orchestra as Principal Bassoonist. This proved a valuable staging in my musical progression, and whilst still only 15 I was one of the founder members of the Nottingham Youth Jazz Orchestra and took up the bass guitar, later joining the National Youth Jazz Orchestra (NYJO) whilst at almost the same time being invited to join the National Youth Orchestra as principal bassoonist.

By the time I started my A Level studies my two main music teachers at school were moving on to pastures new so I therefore transferred to Clarendon College in Nottingham and began a course of 2 years of intensive music study there. This turned out to be a very good move as I met and worked with a variety of outstanding musicians (both Lecturers and Students) and learnt excellent skills as a musician and performer whilst studying there.

After completing my course at College (and gaining a number of both teaching and performing diplomas) I worked for a short while in the music retail industry before embarking on a career, in London, as a session musician, over the years working with an enormous variety of named singers, writers, bands, producers etc, etc.

In the mid 80's with the advent of MIDI and computers I started to digress into music composition and production work which in the mid 90's lead to my meeting with my co-writer and co-producer Hussain with whom I still work closely on various projects.

After meeting my wife, whilst studying on a part time IT course, and now having a family of my own (three daughters aged from 18 to 28 and a son aged 15) I started to take a greater interest in passing on my musical skills to others, and in 2000 commenced teaching music again after a break of some 20 years. I feel that having spent time as a 'working musician' in a variety of guises has given me an insight into the specific skills required for many of today's performers, whilst having a young family has taught me the patience and understanding needed in dealing with the younger pupil.

In recent years I have been concentrating on music production and composition rather than performing and decided to attend the University of Hull in order to obtain a BA in Music specialising in Performing and Studio production.




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